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Welcome to the #1 web site for celebrating and inspiring dyslexics around the world! I am here to revolutionize the publics perspective of dyslexia. So far it’s working. For the record, dyslexics don’t see backwards. Dyslexia is widely misunderstood; it encompasses many valuable and unknown assets and varies from person to person. It’s not how I ‘see’ words, it’s how I visualize them, and how I visually interpret them. It is the assets dyslexics have that interfere with traditional educational learning styles. These assets include thinking multi-dimensionally, the ability to visualize thought as a virtual reality, multi perspective, day dreaming, logic driven, creative thinking and heightened sensory awareness involving: emotions, outer influences, empathy, sight, sound, taste and smell. I call this “Multi-dimensional FreeThinking” MDFT –in short FreeThinkers. Illistration of a rotating b to illistrate bd, p, q, a. Thinking without boundaries, and with tendencies. Some dyslexics don’t understand how to channel or ground their assets or even realize they have them. Because they think and learn in this manner, they are more inspired to learn and retain information when appealed to all there senses.

Traditional educators don’t know quite what to do with these little gifted minds because they learn differently, therefore they label them. Most people who treat dyslexia focus only on one aspect of a person, where I believe dyslexia needs to be recognized and addressed in ‘Body, mind, and spirit’. Where others focus on the mind, ‘how we think’ correcting the mechanical glitch side of dyslexia, others focus on ‘how we do and don’t operate’, the physical and medical aspect of dyslexia, I am dedicated to the spiritual aspect; a good healthy attitude, to help ease the picking, Forward button.probing and labeling effect. I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, I just have forty plus (ouch) years of being a textbook, certified with dyslexia and A.D.D.. You can hit the forward button at anytime to continue into our site or read on.

Being labeled ‘disabled’ creates an imaginary ‘ball and chain burden’ in every aspect of a child’s life. School districts do it so they can get funding, because the government only puts money on problems, not gifts. I am a voice dedicated to breaking those shackles, not only freeing these students of this burden, but helping them grow wings to unlock their true potential. Like a fellow Alumni Leonardo Da Vinci said “I know I am not a man of letters… If circumstances hold you back.. always find a way.. with stone resolve” -The History Channel. This website is a place to be inspired on many levels, turning the stigma of a ‘learning disability’, A.D.D. and such, into to something to be proud of, as it should be. Beyond this page are links to stories of over 150 Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers who are not necessarily ‘free of dyslexia’, but who somehow harnessed their assets and accomplished great things. I strongly believe their attitude is a key factor in their success.

For me, I believe strongly in the assets I have, so much so, if the ‘they people’ had a pill to get rid of my ‘dyslexia’, I wouldn’t take a chance at losing all the assets I have, just for the sake of spelling or reading better. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do things to improve some of the difficulties and conditions I have. Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers should try to get a handle on a learning method that works for them. Education is essential in life, even if you’re not good at it, even if there are bullet holes in your understanding. Even if nobody fully understands you. Nobody fully understood Einstein, ironically he is the most sought after to want to be understood. That should never hinder your pursuit for an education. I don’t care how young your are, demand your right to learn to read! Reading is the key to unlock everything, and should be your number one priority!

By popular demand we provide materials that educate, motivate and inspire. Dyslexic students and adults can graduate from my FreeThinkers University of honorary alumni who by default demonstrated the courage to not be defeated by their projected short comings and the stigma of learning different. Students graduate by committing to a pledge of faith in the School of Perspective. It’s free, it’s on line and there is no age requirement. Einstein, my personal favorite dyslexic, discovered the theory of relativity in a day dream. Imagine that. One of Histories’ most important and talked about discoveries –discovered in a day dream! Yet, Forward button.”Einstein’s high school teacher said to Einstein’s father: “It doesn’t matter what he does-he will never amount to anything.” [TIME Magazine] Parents don’t live in fear for your child. Encourage the assets they have, while you find a method that works for your child’s learning difference.

About Dyslexia
Clay illustration of a boy connected to a ball by a string, thread represents the word “The”.Most dyslexics need to visualize what they read and learn in order to grasp concepts and move forward. That’s why logic is so important to them. How do you visualize non-visual words like “the”. A simple word like this can stump a dyslexic child. Yet on the other end of the spectrum they can understand complex information. Sometimes simple adjustments in teaching helps bridge the gap, such as illustrating a point with simple stick figures or using analogies of something known to a student. Pictured left, a student illustrated “the” to bridge the understanding in the sentence “give me the ball”.

Studies (doctor type) have shown that when dyslexics read, they use more parts of their brain to formulate and store information than non-dyslexics. Instead of simply understanding and accepting information, it is common for dyslexics to want to visualize it, or use other senses to put it to memory, sort of like a virtual reality walk through of information as it applies to our whole brain. For example, a digital photograph of Yosemite uses a more complicated program, more disk space and processing power to view, work on and store information, than a word document that describes Yosemite in text. Really they are just processing 10 times the information than non-dyslexics. This not always necessary for the task at hand, but necessary to be absorbed by some dyslexic’s value system. This is why some dyslexics are said to be ‘slower’. Which in effect is using more brain power than non-dyslexics. This extra processing time usually slows a student’s progress down and creates a domino effect of always being behind academically. Some say some dyslexics have a visual ‘glitch’ that processes light differently and that ‘glitch’ can possibly be corrected or improved by reading with certain lighting, color, or prisms, the physical aspect. Maybe that ‘glitch’ is angled to see a different light. But that is only one part of it. I have yet to hear about any method that ‘cures’ dyslexia. In the meantime these students struggle to survive in a system that doesn’t understand or appeal to their learning differences.

Projecting Possibilities & Making it Relevant
When I read, whispers from another voices in my head is decoding the information, one voice is dedicated to working on words I can not pronounce or I don’t quite understand, as I search for clues to understanding. Sometimes I get stuck on something dis-logical, while I continue to read and peace things together. In the mean time another part of me is subconsciously observing my surroundings. While another part of me is projecting the information in a movie, while a second overlay projector is projecting the possibilities, improving the image, figuring out a better ways to project the same information in a logical manner. Like different programs opened at once on your computer desk top. Other, doctor type– have pin-pointed an official gene “KIAA0319 on Chromosome 6p” blah, blah, blah, is associated with “dyslexia” but they’re not sure what the gene does yet.

‘rotating 6.rotating b, d, p, q, a.They’ said I have a sequencing deficit, I change the arrangement of letters and numbers in my mind. When I learned the alphabet, I was confused when I got to the letter “d” because in my multi-dimensional free thinking mind, it was just a mirror image of a “b” a very common misunderstanding with dyslexics. No matter which way you turned it, it was still a “b”. Like the photo of me above, the mirror image is still “me”. It would make sense for each letter of the alphabet to be distinctively different anyway you turned it. So I mentally fight with my own logic, instead of just accepting their dis-logic. People tend to favor one side of their brain to think. Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers use both sides of their brains to think. Where I find I have the hardest time is just excepting things that are non-logical. I naturally and involuntarily resist dis-logic.

I’ve been diagnosed a severe textbook “dyslexic”, “A.D.D.”, and “learning disabled” student, from flunking the second grade in 1970 (back then: “Learning Handicap”) through my nine-year struggle in college to receive a “two-year” degree in 1992. (I didn’t realize they meant two dog years. So actually I graduated early, as far as dogs are concerned). I never accomplished my ‘four year degree’, I was worn out with the bureaucracy and out of money by the time I was through all the of State University hoops. But I am prod that I did get one thorn out of my side and graduate. Instead when my education hit a wall I wrote my own curriculum of what I thought would make me a well rounded business woman in media production and continued my education that way and I evolved into technology as technology grew — which I never dreamed and applied my filming/ photography/ writing talent to the current multi-media. –Multi-dimensional freeThinker — multi-tasker– multi-media. The world is finally catching up with me! In fact, every other year I learn the newest technology as it comes in the gate so I don’t become extinct and get replaced by a teenager.

I argue; In spite of my given labels, I am certainly not ‘learning disabled’ or I wouldn’t have been able to ‘learn’ how to make web sites like this one, or make graphics, or take pictures, or make videos including writing the scripts, or the text for this site and have my own opinion, or pass drivers Ed, or start a business and maintain it and major clients 20+ years, or learn how to bill my clients and balance my check book. More appropriately, I am a misunderstood ‘FreeThinker’ off the page, that doesn’t care about spelling… much. I can’t stop my progress or loose sleep over it.

Environment, Focus, Approach and Faith
I took my best friends sons to the park, one was six and the older boy was dyslexic and ten. While getting ready to go, the ten year old waited for his mom to tie his shoes “I said you don’t know how to tie your shoes?” He said “No?” I said “Well… you will learn today” And he did, by the end of the day he was tying his own shoes. It’s all about setting the right safe environment, changing your perspective and approach. I made it fun, in fact I told him “No wonder you couldn’t do it, your strings are too small!”. So I let him put on mine. At one point we laid on our back in the grass and did it that way. Once he started getting it, we would stop every block or so to untie and tie our shoes again, so it would become a skill not to be forgotten and something he would be proud of.

Pointless Information
My mom reiterated to me throughout my life, “You’re just slow”. Which is the opposite of what I was. I was fast and always thinking about many things, as I do today. Bored with a lot of things. Ever wanting to explore different ideas beyond superficial meaning that was being presented to me(sometimes even obsessed with it). That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a hard time focusing on one thing, when I was excited to explore many things. The words for me come off the page and formulate stories and pictures in my mind. If it’s not a good story or it doesn’t paint a good picture it doesn’t want to stick and become a part of me. When it comes to math I was better at geometry and statistics because those types of math, formulated tangible things; images, graphs, logic, etc. The root of ‘nothing important or relevant’ to me equals just that. FreeThinkers don’t like to waste their time on dis-logic and memorizing pointless information. That’s where A.D.D. comes in. Make it relevant to them besides a grade and you will peak their interest. These different issues creates a domino effect in a dyslexic students life, and there is no silver bullet that fixes everything. Everything has to be addressed; body, mind and spirit!

Changing Perspective – Parent Teacher, Student Conferences
If I didn’t have the gift of a Multi-dimensional FreeThinker I wouldn’t have challenged the label and sought out the truth. As for Educators and parents, if you want to be a motivator, instead of a de-motivator, change your language. Appropriately address a dyslexic, A.D.D., or LD student as a “Multi-dimensional FreeThinker or FreeThinker” with what ever tendencies (not disorders) they have, and unlock their potential. That way at the end of the day they will go to sleep at night wondering what they might discover about the possibilities in life, instead of ‘worry how will they ever survive it’. –After all it take took several thousand decades to convince the ignorant people standing right on top of the truth, that the world was actually round. Not to mention how they persecuted the first man to say it was ’round’! That’s authoritative ignorance.

Motivating parent / teacher conference with the student
Let me help you with being a “motivator” and “self-esteem” booster. I have come up with terminology that puts the assets these students have first. Using the words “random” and “tenancies” makes these conditions less permanent sounding, as the conditions are flexible and varies. Here is an example of how to start a parent / teacher conference with the student. (I use acronyms because educators like them?)

EXAMPLE: “Your son Albert Stein is a gifted natural ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinker” MDFT with ‘4-Dimensional Reasoning’ (4DR) that naturally ‘Resists Dis-Logic’ (RDL). His natural ability to formulate information into ‘Mental Visualizations’ (MV) cannot be turned off. This is why he enjoys more physical and creative projects and has a Vivid Imagination (VI). His mind is so complex in his thought process that he visually interprets information in 3d while applying a 4th dimension, reasoning. (Such as applying; value, logic, action, purpose, possibility, personality, emotion, sentiment and action, etc.). These are amazing qualities that inspire discovery. Einstein, Edison, and Da Vinci also has these qualities. More in harmony with nature than with school ideologies. Unfortunately, the byproduct of such a gift is sometimes ‘Random Symbol Orientation Tendencies’ (RSOT) with symbols, letters and numbers that can have more than one meaning (i.e., different orientations of “b” have different meanings “d, p, and q”), and he has ‘Non Visual Word Value Gaps’ (NVWVG) words that are harder to visualize are most difficult to process in this “movie” (such as, the, but, if, and or, etc.). Unfortunately general education has a slew of non-logical and non-visual rules in every area of education. It will take extra effort on all our parts, to be creative in bridging the gap and painting pictures to help complete the “movie”. Many successful pioneers had similar gifts, and as a result, also had difficulties in school (including Einstein). Because FreeThinkers learn differently, your son may experience frustration. That, in no way, should foil his educational pursuit. We will have to work harder at finding a learning style that works with your child. Being aware of his tendencies will help us find a learning style to bridge the gaps. When we unlock that potential and encourage his natural abilities, there’s no telling what this child can discover.” (see FreeThinkers University Acronym Dictionary By Stacy Poulos)

Parting Words
Forward button.Even though I had a hard time throughout school, I recognize that I am definitely blessed to have the rarely recognized assets of dyslexia, even though it never seemed like it growing up. ALL DYSLEXICS HAVE ASSETS! There is a balance in our differences, no matter who you are, or what your background is. It is our differences that inspire discovery, change, and challenge humanity. That is the essence of the FreeThinkers University pledge. I have been named the “Dyslexic poster child”, I don’t mind, I am proud to be a FreeThinker, I’m quite confident in my abilities and aware of my reliable dyslexia. I am not shy, concerned or encumbered because I can’t spell well and have other difficulties.

You would never believe, when presented with a small awkward looking sunflower seed, that it would have so much potential and blossom to be a radiant and desired flower or a fruit producing plant, that has healing powers and adds a unique flavor to food. Or that the Mustard seed is the smallest of all herb seeds and grows to be the largest of all herb plants. I exposed my educational experience, a real life example, and examples of others, in hopes of inspiring yours. I was once a mustard seed, in spite of my short comings, I had faith. One young girl, from a small town, now a woman, who has reached out to the world, even to other Countries I never heard of. It’s possible. You are entering my testament, my conviction, my definition, i.e. my opinion. Don’t judge a seed by it’s cover. Change your reality and live a better life. It’s hard for a flower to blossom to it’s fullest potential if your foot’s on it.

If you are dyslexic, be proud that you are blessed with dyslexia, and the gift of FreeThinking, even when it doesn’t seem like a blessing. You are among many successful people from every walk of life and every area of expertise who have struggled and succeeded. Proudly join my alumni of honorary graduates of FreeThinkers. God bless your journey on this road to self discovery. If by chance you can help my efforts please do.

Sincerely, Stacy Poulos / Photographer / Multimedia Producer / Writer

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