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Dyslexics have the tendency and ability to visualize all dimensions of symbols. Seeing and thinking three-dimensionally is a great asset, especially in today's multimedia world. So when is dyslexia a "disability"? It is a disability when it is not valued as a learning difference and crutches are used to get through traditional education.

Einstein pictureI was labeled "Learning Handicapped" in 1972, later "Learning Disabled" and "Dyslexic". No one addressed why I did what I did or had a true solution for me. I recognized as a child that all my testing from elementary school through college only pointed out that I was not at my appropriate grade level and that was a problem. Yet, these were my authority in life.

"...Einstein had trouble in school... until he found one that emphasized individual thinking and discouraged rote memorization..." (Contorts and Underwood reported in Newsweek, November 22, 1999). logo

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