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Comments like these have made this challenging road worth the effort.

Quite by divine “accident” I came upon your website today. … I have not come across any other website that had such a profound effect upon me. This is material I must bring into the classrooms and the workplace. It is amazing. I have long ago given up any reason to explain my non-linear thought processes and why my adult ADD is part of what makes me so wonderful.and so wonderfully productive. Just don’t fence me in! Thanks again. -Sandy Dolak, RNC, Community Outreach Coordinator
Walsenburg, CO…Thanks for an uplifting website. …Dylexia is close to my heart, i have many family members as well as close friends who are ‘free thinkers’ as you say. I have sent them details as i think they will find your site encouraging. Many thanks and Regard -Carrie-Anne Golt / Gibraltar…Thought I’d try this again with text this time! I was just on your website and wanted to tell you how amazed I was with your positivity. I recently have been soaking up every bit of knowledge I can on Dyslexia as my new business venture is too tutor “Free Thinkers”. Most of the best information I’ve read have come from the people with Dyslexia. I’m with your thinking that Dyslexia should not fall under the disabled umbrella, as it is just an unique way to learn that needs to be unlocked differently for each individual. Anyway before I lose my point Thank you for such an inspiring website!!!! I’ll be sure to pass it on to my clients for inspiration. – Leslie James, Burlington, On, CanadaWant to purchase the clock with Einstein’s saying and dyslexic numbers. Could not find the clock in the online store. Do you still have it available? – Laurie S. Pineda , Mortgage Banker…I found your web-site by doing a search on “dyslexia umbrella” because I’ve heard several people say dyslexia is an umbrella term for a lot of other learning disabilities…

My daughter is struggling in Math but doesn’t qualify for Special Ed (the school system tested her). I know she would not be getting a “C” in Math if it wasn’t for the extra help she’s getting from teachers. I know, and SHE knows something is wrong but we can’t figure out what it is. Maybe you don’t have to know what the problem is to fix it but I think it would help. 

Anyway, the school does not test for dyslexia here and we’re going to ask the school to pay to have her specifically tested for dyslexia – OR, I should say dyscalculia.

Anyway, any insight or anything you say will be helpful and greatly appreciated. – Pam Turner, Indianapolis, IN….I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve suffered with dyslexia for at-least half of my life. When I say “suffered” I am referring to the way I felt during this period of time. I was told by teachers that I was dyslexic and I was told that that was a form of retarded, they figured I was too dumb to take offence at that. I was put to work with the down syndromes and autistics.I felt ashamed, retarded, I had a hard home life, I had a hard time making friends and I ended up hating school and tried to avoid going whenever possible, I was depressed and hated myself. I was held back in grade four At grade five I decided I wasn’t going to live my life like this and decided to try and teach myself to read my own way. ……as I still carry some shame and don’t quite believe I’m intelligent.I have good friends, and a sense of humour. Life’s much better now….A huge positive change in my life is that recently I’ve come to realize why I was “retarded” and then suddenly considered “genius”.  It was the dyslexia. Or the type of dyslexia.I almost cried when I watched a documentary on it a few months ago. I couldn’t believe I though I was retarded for it, I was angry I never had the guts to research it and I was angry at the ignorance of my teachers and the education system. These days I’m grateful and relieved.I only wish there had been more websites around like this one, to help me understand myself.  …I’m very proud of this website and thank you for running it : ) – Anita, 16 Tasmania, Australia
…I got hassled by my University and had to appeal. I found your site. You know what? You brigthened me up! The bit about “…Dyslexic people need to visualise what they read…”, yes, you know what I mean. I was always told that I would never be abel to do maths, well I blew that away. I am an Engineer now, I work with a lot of maths. Thanks for making this site, I am going to have a good read. 😉 Thank you: -Chris, UK, Cambridge.
This past month was one of the proudest in my life. My oldest son graduated with two degrees from a fairly regorious university, Case Western Reserve, in Cleveland, Ohio. His first degree is a bachelor of Science in Biology and the second is a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. Rather than telling his whole story I am going to sent two pictures. One is a sample of his writing (a note to me when he was 17 years old, and the other is the first slide of his senior project at Case Western Reserve University…….My point to the teachers is not to judge too quickly. Children have MANY unseen gifts, it is our job as educators to find them and make children shine! I am not saying it has always been easy. Many times my son equated having a learning disability was like having a stroke. He knew what he wanted to say, but the words never came out right on the paper. 
Ann Aaronson, Mother of two sons, Director of Instructional Improvement, Yellow Springs, Ohio Thank you so much for creating this website. When I read your story, I felt like I someone had lived through what I went through. I have been in special education classes all my life, but I eventually dropped out of school in my freshman year and worked two jobs.I have dreamed about being a good writer someday. I have completed two Master’s degrees and I still struggle in this area. I work so hard towards my goals but there is so my emphasis putting on writing that I feel like stopping my dreams at times. I am now 37 years old and I want to be Counselor so I can help others people, but I struggle with my papers. I found your website tonight after crying over my last paper. I want to thank you for taking the time to do this and bless others. My husband keeps saying that I just learn different and you website helps me believe that I do learn differently. – Catrina 🙂

My 10 year old son has had long standing reading and writing disabilities. He was actually pulled out of class for half the day, every day. Last year we were told that he was mentally intellectually disabled because he could not read or write. I knew this to not be true. I had him tested out side of the school. He came out fully dyslexic with normal I.Q.  I have learned so much about this disability.  His school will not accept the test. So I had him tested again and now he has a ‘learning disability’ with normal I.Q.  No one in the school understands or is accommodating to his needs. He is a smart, great kid. He is one of the kindest and funniest people I have had ever had the privilege to meet. I am so proud to be his mom. I am fighting the school. I am also training at the Canadian Dyslexia Association with the Orton-Gillingham Method. My son is starting to get low self=esteem. Any response or advice would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. -Devin…I saw that you were dyslexic and formed this website. I got this site from reading the book The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child. My nine year old son is dyslexic and I also am mildly dyslexic. I won’t get into the school system not helping him because of the state does not think dyslexia is a disability.

However I would like to ask? I love to write, that is what I wanted to be was a writer and journalist. However, I was told that I could never be one because I can’t spell well, and my grammar is terrible. I would like to know how you have overcome the grammar part. The spelling, thank God for dictionaries and spell check on the computers. But grammar is still my biggest problem. – Karla Smith, West Paducah, KY U.S.A.
Dear Stacy:

I love your website! I have a daughter who is dyslexic and I teach children at a local elementary school. We teach a program specifically for dyslexics. I love your calendars and would like to hang them in my room. Do you have them printed up or do I need to print them off myself? Thanks for your site and all your effort to let people know that dyslexics are intelligent, gifted people. – Ellen Arzouni
I have already forgotten your name of this site, but I just want to say I am glad to have found you! …life its been difficult to say the least… …I have helped so many people on my journeys through life, but never could help myself to find what i am here for. My common sense kept me alive through all my trails and tripulations! But my honesty and common sense always seemed to keep me down. I do not understand this world and I do not seem to fit in it. …I want so badly to remember and write my book of my life. I have hitchhiked my way through life and am now just trying to put it all together. …I have never been diagnosed with Dyslexia or ADD, but I believe I have both. I don’t know, but all the Kings hoarses, an all the Kings men
could not put me back together again. My dog Spanky is my only friend. He is always happy to see me and he never puts me down. He is my only child I ever had and will be sorely missed when he is gone in a few years…!…Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. …I even bought Dragon speaking naturally, where all I have to do is talk to my computer and it types it all out for me. …I am not complaining, it is just nice to talk to someone who cares and knows what I am going thru. I have been alone for a long time! Even when I was married I was alone, even among friends or family I was alone. I will try your school. Thank you again. – Fred T. Friedrich, 53, Boone Iowa USAHello Stacy; I just wanted to write and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your website. As a special education teacher (in the process of pursuing a Masters of Education degree), it was rewarding to see all of the accomplishments that people with different ways of learning are able to do! I think that the Free Thinks University is great. Don’t ever let it be said that this is not a great website with a wonderful wealth of information. Thank you so much for sharing it with me and others. Sincerely, C. Neumeyer, Saskatoon, Sk. CANADAStacy I am writing to you because I can NOW a year ago I could not … …their are still many things in my head I cannot put in writing but prior to visiting your site last year I have never in 40+ years written anything ever my writing is still not perfect but it is better then nothing at all I use spell check or used to use it more then I do now! any how I always wanted to talk with you on the phone because we are like minded as far as common interest in the internet photography and for me turning what some may think is a negative into something positive. like you have done with your business…
..I would love to meet with you. and would still like to talk with you. you have to be the busiest person I have ever tried to contact. … would like to help spread the message that having a learning disability could be a blessing. the only way to get this message out is for me to become successful and if I can do it anybody can. …keep up the good work and thanks for your website it has helped!! I know their are thousands of people my age out their still that are very bright but because they may not be able to write they are not reaching their full potential and that’s a shame. thanks! Joseph Massey A free thinker

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