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“Hi.. My name is James K… I live in Liverpool. I am 8 years old. I am dyslexic and one day I am going to be famous!” – James K. / Liverpool“hi my name is Kris and I am 10 years old. I have to do a project on Walt Disney’s learning disability and how it affected his life and how he overcame it to become famous. I can’t find any sites to help me . Do you have any ideas or addresses? thanks” – Kris”Hello.. i was diginosed when i was seven yers old. and i was wondering if you knew of any way for me to contact some of the people on the list to ask them what the things they did to help them over come ther dyslexia, i would relley enyoy that” – Ryan”I LOVE your 100-blessed people list… ..I printed up your list and it hangs over my 10 year old’s desk… encouragement.” – Kris”Fantastic site! I love it…” – Tim / United Kingdom“…I am a high school teacher… and early in the year we do a unite called “What’s Your Excuse?” where we discuss reasons we have for not succeeding… and then we begin to dispel the myths and self-imposed roadblocks. I have.. …really been frustrated with getting students who are dyslexic to believe they had a chance at anything.

I think that the list of people you provide on your page will help to spark an understanding. In fact, I may start off with writing a name on the board… then another… then another… and see if students can figure out what they have in common. 🙂 Anyway, thank you again!”
– Robert Griffith, High School Teacher / Ukiah High School, CA“This is really great.” – John /San Jose, California USA”Please notify me of up-dates to this great site! I have a 9 year old daughter who is dyslexic/ADD and know she will enjoy hearing this comprehensive list of famous dyslexics. There is a lot of great info on here! Thanx.” – Karen / USA
  “My name is Jeradi and I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in second grade. I’m in 9th now, I make good grades in everything, except I have a little trouble with math. My second grade teacher gave up on me, and my mom had to teach me to read, or the school would have held me back. You can’t get me to put a book down now, when before I wouldn’t pick one up without a fight. My little sister also has a learning problem, and my mom is going to get her tested for dyslexia. I’m hoping to become a famous scientist like Einstein, I want to go to Cambridge university, I’m thinking of theoretical physics. My mom’s friend was amazed that at 14 I’m asking questions that he didn’t ask until he was in his late 20’s. You can only tell I have dyslexia when I’m writing in print really fast, I get my B’s and D’s mixed up. I didn’t know much about dyslexia, and until this past year, I have not had much desire to. I decided I need to learn more about it on my own, so I ask my mom, she said to look it up, I did and I found that a lot of famous people have or had dyslexia. I thought that was pretty interseting, so I did a little more research, your site has been very helpful, and has boosted my sense of being the one of a million person that gets this disorder, or maybe it’s a gift, some sites call it that. I thank you for the help your site has given me. Yours truly, Jeradi” 14 North Carolina, USA“i would like 2 help in any way possible….i will send a donation…soon…i wil get the word out… all my support” – Vanessa”…Your website and business are very impressive. We would love to include a link to your Golden Visions webpage on . We would also like to include your story on the Amazing Minds section of our website. …Thanks again.” – Tom Conwell / VP New York Branch of the International Dyslexia Assoc”It was great feeling to visit your site as i am in the process of finding what all can be the symptoms of dyslexia. … i have to visualise and the exercise takes much time and energy). …I am 26 years old and is yet to do a dyslexic test as in India where i am living there is no much facilities… Best regards” – Manoj / Network engineer in Mumbai, India.Best of the Web for MacOS Award.… Hi Stacy, I visited your “dyslexia” site and was both educated and moved by your experiences. I found your honesty and optimism for the subject inspiring, and the way in which you have managed to combine your business and “passion for assistance” a great example to others. You’re a winner – …Keep up the good work… ” – Ian McPherson / Webmaster / Ian’s Power Backgrounds Austrailia.”Dear Stacy, …your inspiration will help a lot of children as it will parents, such as myself. …I have been doing much research… good help, but so far yours is the only interactive area for these children to learn about the best they have to offer.. ..this will surely increase the confidence and self-esteem for those who can work with your program… …I have a 16yr ADHD/Dyslexic son, who will benefit from your site… This will be very helpful, as he is at this time, going through issues, causing concern only to himself through lack of confidence and self-esteem in what he is capable of achieving in the mainstream classroom …what I have tried to do, is reinforce positiveness and encourage him to do his best only, and not to try and keep up with others expectations, only what he is able to do for himself… …and that he feels good about what he is doing. …Kind and Warmest regards…” – Moira /New Zealand“Dear Stacy, …your site is really attractive (I LOVE the original graphics!) Your film project sounds wonderful… …I wish you the best of luck with your project. It sounds like you have really made it a priority to use your talents to make the world a better place. Best regards” – Abigail Marshall/DDAI Webmaster”hi …i am andrew francis and 27… i am dislxit and i wonder if u can hple me ….
i like 2 meet ofaer dislxit pepal as pen frend and i look in on web and i not fhid n e fink and mhke in me uhapee ….wood u b howbal 2 hple me ps …tanks” – ANDREW /w-sussex”Money for college for students with dylexia… I hope you can help me to fiend some money for my son. Thank you” -roberta”Hi Stacy. I am from St. Petersburg, FL and work with LD children in an elementary school. Your list has been very helpful in creating a wall of successful LD people (which will also include my children’s pics). Debbie /St. Petersburg, FL“How can I get a copy of Stacy Paulos’ video? I am LD also and working on my masters at …University. I’m 56 years old and hope to be an LD teacher. This story bring tears to my eyes because I identify so much with it! It’s beautiful.” -Mary”…I am so excited to learn about you and Golden Visions! … I am very interested to find out how DDAI could contribute to your vision for “Blessed with Dyslexia”? ” – Alice Davis/Executive Director of Davis Dyslexia Association/Burlingame, CA USA“…As a teacher of English in France to adults and children, I have often come across people with learning difficulties. I have tried to help them to the best of my abilities, sometimes with some success, sometimes without. What haunts me most is seeing children in class not profiting at all from their education and living through bad and negative experiences every day.. …I would like to have the opinion of Stacy Poulos of his method, presuming she is familiar with it… I would be most grateful for any of your comments . Many thanks… ” – Jennifer / France “Dear Stacy, I am the mother of a 9 year old Dyslexic, and the wife of a Dyslexic. I have known my daughter (Hailie) was Dyslexic from a very young age. We have FOUGHT to get her the appropriate services in the face of a seemingly “unknown” area. My two biggest goals (beyond appropriate school services) have been to make sure Hailie KNOWS she is talented and that she knows about the people who have the same “challenge” as her. I ran across you web site this morning. Your list is fabulous, but more important your story is too.I have always tried to tell Hailie she has a challenge, but we all do. I remind her I may not be dyslexic, but I can’t draw stick people. She and her father are both very artistic. But, the reality is there are days where it just gets her down. The blessing is we know what we are up against, and therefore we can fight for what she needs. It breaks my heart when I meet 
people who were not diagnosed until High School, or later. My husband did not find out until after he was through college. He still thinks of himself as not very bright (despite a far above average IQ).I guess the point of my note is to say THANK YOU! It is a huge help to parents to have resources like yours. If you manage to help one family see the up side of Dyslexia, or help one family get their child the help they need, then you have been a success. I thank you for your web site, and look forward to exploring it more. Thank you for sharing your story. Sincerely, Julie – Federal Way, (Seattle) Washenton“… Thanks for your note. Hailie was so excited with her list she took it to 
school today to share with her teachers…
… I found through the search engine on aol cause I was looking for a list of dyslexic people! I love the web! I am doing a fundraiser at Hailie’s school (to buy more books for a reading program they do). ……I needed the list because each class is putting together baskets based on-guess what- people with learning disabilites. My feeling is kids are way more understanding than adults. I hope to sneak in a message about how much these people have accomplished AND what they went through to get there. …Thank you again for being so willing to share. By the way (since Hailie has my list and I don’t! Thanks again! Sincerely, Julie – Federal Way, (Seattle) Washenton“Category: Other?? Erin Brockovich spoke at San Jose State this semester and mentioned several times that she was dyslexic. You have a great website – I used it as a resource/example for my Special Ed {teacher’s} class protfolio. Thank you…!”Jenifer / San Jose

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