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“Dear Stacy, I have just found your website and it will help me considerably. I am a tutor and assessor for Dyslexic adults & Kids but mainly work with young people. I am also dyslexic. I have had an idea that I would like to pursue…I have been collecting names of famous/ successful dyslexics with a view to creating a photo album to show to my students. I have also just got a new job on a research/pilot project where I will be delivering a new knid of innovative course to help build dyslexic clients self esteem (age 16-25) What better way to boost motivation and aid in unlocking potential than to show photos and tell inspiring stories of successful dyslexics. Would you be kind enough to e-mail me when you have completed your profiles of these successful people? I would be extremely grateful. Do you have any suggestions about how to contact these famous people for signed photos? I will make a note of your website and perhaps refer my clients on to your site for a bit of inspiration… Thanks Has your book been published yet? If so, please send me the details so that I can order a copy. Regards…

I found you by accident actually… I was searching for an article I had seen regarding dyslexia and humour. Also being interested in famous dyslexics I immediately felt excited by finding your easy to read site.

I too am very focused on raising self esteem this is, I believe, the very key to releasing potential in dyslexic adults. I have just completed a diploma course with the Hornsby centre in London and my final research / study was focused on releasing potential & achieving success by empowering the individual through raising self esteem. (a bit of a mouthfull) If we believe in ourselves we can move on into great things. ( Some one believed in me……. I have got a grade A for my studies)
– Julie / Southwell, Notts UK north east of Nottingham, in the midlands.

“I am a forth grader. I saw whoopi goldberg on a list. …Could you Give me some information or pictures ? … Thank You for The inforomatsion and web sites. I liked the web site about you! I like to take pictures on my dads camrua. When you make a movie please email me. I Wan’t to see the movie. I will emial you. Thank you.” – Natalie / Texas

“Hi Stacey, Wow, have I heard a lot about you in my lifetime.  I attended …School located in San Francisco for Junior High.  My two older brothers flunked out of a combined total of 7 high schools…  Basically, we are all severely dyslexic and as a result, my mother, Cinthia Haan, started a foundation to assist children all over the country who deal with this issue.  
Our hope is that generations to come don’t have to suffer with the low self-esteem and a depleted sense of self-confidence because God blessed this earth with genius minds that work in different ways.  Your continued support of the issue has been an inspiration.

This is where we need you.  We are searching for a creative mind that has been touched by this issue to craft our message to the public. …We pledge to unify the endeavors of scientific research and educational practice toward the assurance that children are given the opportunity to learn to their capacity and thus achieve their true potential in life.… Thank you again for living your life with this blessing and making a difference in others with the same challenge.” Tiffany / Haan Foundation San Francisco, CA USA

“hi stacy…. thank you, as well, for sharing your insight and passion; and, for all you do to help the kids. …all my best regards” – Cindy / Haan Foundation San Francisco, CA USA

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