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Free Thinkers University


the umbrella slang word for public’s inability to understand the complex and extraordinary thought process of ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinking”.(available on different products)

Imagine a school turned around, where creativity, courage, integrity, perspective, imagination, inspiration, and FreeThinking is emphasized over traditional academia. FreeThinkers University FTU is dedicated in inspiring the assets of Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers’ aka ‘dyslexics’ students who learn differently.

History has proven that traditional academic scholars label struggling ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers’ with many different and conflicting titles such as, dyslexic, A.D.D., and learning disabled, etc. It turns out that since they ‘learn differently’ they become developmentally ‘dyslexic’. Educators are co-dependent of the label in order to get funding for special services related to helping students with ‘learning differences’. Dyslexia is the bi-product of a an educational approach.

In the mean time the lack of understanding on every ones part through the History of education has created a culture of students and adults who have associated self-esteem issues because of the label. The honorary Alumni are indivisuals who by default over came the enormous burden of their ‘label’ and accomplished great things. They are a inspiration to us. If you wanted to know where FreeThinkers University is located, you would have to tell us, because it is in your spirit and inspiration.

It may seam strange to graduate from a University of this nature for educated twenties (in between youthful uninhibited imagination and adult who have made it by there own rights who completely understand) the college is based on an honor system. It is not necessary to register with us, but we love to add you. But it’s not strange for me, my most important commitments in life were the ones I made to myself. That is the glue that keeps me together through thick and thin. Life isn’t about measuring yourself to others or following others rules and guidelines. It’s about knowing you do what you do because that’s what you wanted. Out declaration is simply words of guidance, a song to surround and up lift your soul.

When the results of ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinking’ turns out to be extraordinary is when society takes notice. It is the extraordinary thought process that interferes with traditionally structured education. All Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers learn the same; they learn differently! Hence the beginning years are often the years of their greatest challenge. We hope to inspirer them, or you, on the journey by joining our University, so they can recognize their true unbiased potential earlier on.

(FreeThinkers University Acronym Dictionary By Stacy Poulos)

Faces of ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers’ AKA DyslexiaWe are proud to think and learn differently.  Dyslexic, multi-dimensional freeThinkes please add yourself and your inspiring comment and picture. Do not add your email address, it doesn’t go to us. Thank you – If you are under 18 consult your parents before signing it and please do not be specific about where you live, the closest major city will be great. Thank you, Stacy

You would never believe, when presented with a small awkward looking sunflower seed, that it would have so much potential and blossom to be a radiant and desired flower or a fruit producing plant, that has healing powers and adds a unique flavor to food. Or that the Mustard seed is the smallest of all herb seeds and grows to be the largest of all herb plants. You would never know unless you had the faith to plant it and let it grow to it’s fullest potential. FreeThinkers are often underestimated in their youth before they even sprout.

If you are a misunderstood Multi-dimensional FreeThinker i.e, dyslexic, ADD or LD, and are facing the challenges of your education and desire to declare your commitment to changing your perspective and being your personal best, proudly join our University and spread your wings.

The common thread to our honorary Alumni have demonstrated admirable courage and faith to accomplished great things in spite of the challenges they faced. It’s not fame, money or materialistic things, it’s the spirit of internal thinking, attitude, perspective and pursuing your beliefs regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.To join

To join, read our declaration, if you are willing to take the pledge, print out the “Blank declaration and Certificate (-it’s free)” read it, if you are willing sign it, do so, and have a credible witness also sign it (Parent, friend, professional, teacher) and join us. This is an honorary University. You don’t have to fully understand every word on the declaration, as life unfolds you will understand it’s importance more and more. Read it often. AT least twice a year. Also included will be the list of your alumni and a shield to remind you about boundaries, perspective and attitude. You can also send your name in via email with the permission of your parent. Teachers can send in a list. Adults are very much welcome to send in you’re name.

Finally, if you have taken the pledge, you are a successful graduate of FreeThinkers University congratulations! If you want us to add you to our list of alumni send us an “Admissions application” permission slip filled out and we will add you… free. It will be our greatest honor. You may also proudly ware our University gear, to remind you of your commitment and let other secret alumni know you also are a graduate of honorable merit. And like my Nana (grandma) always said with conviction and authority…”Have a little faith lovie”.

– Stacy Poulos / Chancellor / FreeThinker