FreeThinkers University Acronym Dictionary By Stacy Poulos

the umbrella slang word for public's inability to understand the complex and extraordinary thought process of 'Multi-dimensional FreeThinking".
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The byproduct of 'Multi-dimensional FreeThinking' MDFT is superficially known as dyslexia. Sometimes small adjustments in teaching helps bridge the gap, such as illustrating a point with simple stick figures or using analogies of something known to a student. Being aware of their tendencies will help us find a learning style to bridges the gaps. When we unlock that potential and encourage their natural abilities there's no telling what these children can discover. Lets start by identifying their assets and understanding their tendencies.


MDFT = Multi-dimensional FreeThinker

NFT = Natural FreeThinker

4DR of FDR = Four Dimensional Reasoning

RDL = Resists Dis-Logic

MV = Mental Visualizations

VI = Vivid Imagination

RSOT = Random Symbol Orientation Tendencies; with symbols, letters and numbers that can have more than one meaning (i.e., different orientations of "b" have different meanings such as "d, p, and q".)Tendency is to process more focus on the logic of letters and numbers that can have more than one meaning. These letters tend to be confusing in early Multi-dimensional FreeThinkers.

DGH = Don't Give a Hoot; Not motivated to focusing on information that doesn't present logic, is seemingly boring, irrelevant and is seemingly pointless information. Also know as A.D.D.

NVWVG = Non Visual Word Value Gaps; Mental visualization gaps in connecting the full understanding of reading non visual words. (with words such as; the, but, of, etc.)

VG = Value Gaps; Gaps in personal relationship to making the effort to understand irrelevant information.

Changing Perspective - Parent Teacher, Student Conferences

If I didn't have the gift of a 'Multi-dimensional FreeThinker' I wouldn't have challenged the label and sought out the truth. As for Educators and parents, if you want to be a motivator, instead of a de-motivator, change your language. Appropriately address a dyslexic, A.D.D., or LD student as a "Multi-dimensional FreeThinker' or 'FreeThinker" with what ever tendencies (not disorders) they have, and unlock their potential. That way at the end of the day they will go to sleep at night wondering what they might discover about the possibilities in life, instead of 'worry how will they ever survive it'. --After all it take took several thousand decades to convince the ignorant people standing right on top of the truth, that the world was actually round. Not to mention how they persecuted the first man to say it was 'round'! That's authoritative ignorance.

Motivating parent / teacher conference with the student

Let me help you with being a "motivator" and "self-esteem" booster. I have come up with terminology that puts the assets these students have first. Using the words "random" and "tenancies" makes these conditions less permanent sounding, as the conditions are flexible and varies. Here is an example of how to start a parent / teacher conference with the student. (I use acronyms because educators like them?)

EXAMPLE: "Your son Albert Stein is a gifted natural 'Multi-dimensional FreeThinker" MDFT with '4-Dimensional Reasoning' (4DR) that naturally 'Resists Dis-Logic' (RDL). His natural ability to formulate information into 'Mental Visualizations' (MV) cannot be turned off. This is why he enjoys more physical and creative projects and has a Vivid Imagination (VI). His mind is so complex in his thought process that he visually interprets information in 3d while applying a 4th dimension, reasoning. (Such as applying; value, logic, action, purpose, possibility, personality, emotion, sentiment and action, etc.). These are amazing qualities that inspire discovery. Einstein, Edison, and Da Vinci also has these qualities. More in harmony with nature than with school ideologies. Unfortunately, the byproduct of such a gift is sometimes 'Random Symbol Orientation Tendencies' (RSOT) with symbols, letters and numbers that can have more than one meaning (i.e., different orientations of "b" have different meanings "d, p, and q"), and he has 'Non Visual Word Value Gaps' (NVWVG) words that are harder to visualize are most difficult to process in this "movie" (such as, the, but, if, and or, etc.). Unfortunately general education has a slew of non-logical and non-visual rules in every area of education. It will take extra effort on all our parts, to be creative in bridging the gap and painting pictures to help complete the "movie". Many successful pioneers had similar gifts, and as a result, also had difficulties in school (including Einstein). Because FreeThinkers learn differently, your son may experience frustration. That, in no way, should foil his educational pursuit. We will have to work harder at finding a learning style that works with your child. Being aware of his tendencies will help us find a learning style to bridge the gaps. When we unlock that potential and encourage his natural abilities, there's no telling what this child can discover." logo