Words of wisdom

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. 
- Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Genius? ...Nothing! ...Sticking to it is genius!
...I've failed my way to success."
-Thomas Edison
My favorite definition of success is eloquently expressed by -Ralph Waldo Emerson [click]
SUCCESS By Barbara Smallwood & Steve Kilborn [click]
Motivational & Positive Thinking Materials
I can confidently say that if you can change your perspective, how you look at others and yourself, you can change your life.  Positive thinking is the key to opening the door and succeeding.  That is the basis and mission of this website.  Students can join Free Thinkers University by signing their name to a declaration of self esteem. Once they and a witness have signed the declaration, their University Degree can be hung proudly to remind them of their oath.

When I was a teen, my boss had everything you could think of about success. I used to brainwash myself with success tapes. My favorites are Zig Ziglar's "See You At The Top" and Leo Buscaglia's "Politics of Love". You can't go wrong listening to anything they produce!
I have heard a lot of motivational and great advice, but nobody inspires you more than listing to these two men; Leo Buscaglia & Zig Ziglar they are best appreciated by listening. I can't imagine their chactor coming through as well in a book. I have heard these 2 tapes at lease 30 times each since I was 15 years old.
Zig Ziglar http://www.ziglartraining.com/ I personally recomend "See You At The Top" it's about goal setting.
Leo Buscaglia http://www.Buscaglia.com/ You HAVE TO get the Audio tape "Politics of Love
By Leo F. Buscaglia!
Free Posters Of Dyslexics http://www.nla.org.uk/Posters.htm


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