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Jan 26-29 2012 Macworld iWorld iPads Could be the missing link for dyslexics

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco CA Moscone Center

iPads could be the missing link for a lot of dyslexics, or I like to say “Multi Dimensional FreeThinkers”. Designing material for an iPad makes you think about the multi media capabilities and how you can maximize the capabilities.   

A lot of people including myself didn’t like the idea ‘Apple’ wasn’t there last year. Really its better, you can go to a apple store 360 days a year. MacWorld and iWorld has everything that goes in and on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and you can ask questions. Which you can’t get any day of the year any where else with so many apple products. The best part about Macworld, is the interaction with actual developers of products and demo’s of products. Face to face meetings, Q and A’s, and making connections. Usually you see a cool item on line, but your not sure if you should get it.  It’s my favorite event of the year! 

As far as I’m concerned toss out your kids video games out the window– that blow up and kill people. Get products like these that inspire creativity and imagination. I will be making a B-line to see the “ArtRage StudioPro” and Star Walk! To name a few.  (There is Pro & one for iPad)

“ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5” Screen Shot

Another extremely cool app I will be checking out: “Star Walk” I can’t say enough about how I think this is so cool. My only warning is your kids might end up smarter than you 

See you there! 

By Stacy Poulos 

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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Forgotten Letters by dyslexics just in time for Dyslexia Awareness Week London Oct31 to Nov 6th 2011

“Forgotten Letters” by dyslexics; just in time for ‘Dyslexia Awareness Week 2011‘ in London, October 31 – November 6th 2011

Dyslexics may forget a few letters and twist them around when they write, but Naomi Folb the mastermind behind Forgotten Letters and the writers of the anthology, have explored the creative talents that make dyslexics superb writers.  Through the first published book of it’s kind she aims to honor their uniqueness. “Forgotten Letters” A Literary Anthology of dyslexics writers is by dyslexics and contains poetry, prose, short stories, and excerpts from longer publications.!/dyslexicwriting

Hold on a minute, who are these dyslexic writers?…
Writers who identify themselves as dyslexics, such as Philip Schultz (winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry); Benjamin Zephaniah (voted the nation’s third favourite poet of all time (after T S Eliot and John Donne) in a BBC poll in 2009 and included in The Times list of Britain’s top 50 post-war writers in 2008), Billy Childish (co-founder of the Stuckism Art Movement); Andrew Solomon (winner of the 2001 National Book Award and finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize); Thomas West (author of Thinking Like Einstein and In the Mind’s Eye) and Sally Gardner, (winner of the 2005 Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Gold Award and, shortlisted for the British Children’s Book of the Year in 2006) and many other successful writers, including Caroline Gardner, who has contributed the four anthologies that will be included in the British Library and distributed in further libraries across the U.K. and Republic of Ireland.

This unique book will be launched by RASP just in time for ‘Dyslexia Awareness Week 2011’ in London, October 31 – November 6th 2011, (at 26 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TT London, United Kingdom). (The book will be introduced on November 2nd at 6pm).

RASP will be launching the book there. The aim of the festival is to bring together dyslexic writers, artists, performers and creatives to network and showcase their work. There will be performances, music, readings, talks as well as an exhibition.

Copies of Forgotten Letters will be available to buy at the launch. They can be purchased thereafter online through Amazon and or on line. It’s £15  $24(US).

World renowned writer Margaret Atwood is sponsoring the Forgotten Letters campaign and you can help by buying this book or sponsoring the next book to be made.  The Queen herself has shown support of this project since Princess Beatrice is also dyslexic.

The Dyslexia Think Tank ( board vice chairman and creative director, Kristi Frlekin, says she is “especially proud to promote this terrific project”.
Kristi Frlekin and Rose Kuntz, the Dyslexia Think Tank chairman, are going to London from sunny California for the launch.

There are so many great samples in the book, but I picked out this one because I loved the tile, and it’s so descriptive  Here is a sample. Enjoy.

Penny the Pig
By Kristen McHenry

Penny’s favorite sucker, her ever-lasting
gobstopper, was a plastic Fun Family Collection
boy-teenager figurine in a red striped
t-shirt and khakis, with a stiff curlicue of
yellow hair, and black slash eyebrows. His
shoes were lumpy white globs of resin
like something had gone
wrong on the assembly line.
She dug him up behind the barn the night Cecily
left him there during the hailstorm.
Penny kept him safe from the other pigs; dragged
him off and buried him each night, sat
jealously near his dirt hole,
until she dug him up again, rolled
him with her overheated tongue, and
shook him in her mouth as though to snap
his rigid little neck. After a week
he was a pockmarked mess, his brows
mottled with teeth pricks and his
blob-shoes dull with grime.
Penny had made him his own. Broken him in.
Penny screamed and grunted the night Cecily
figured where he was and stole him back. She smacked Penny
with a split-off fence panel and ran
into the house sobbing, clutching the boy by his
dented chest. She spent all night scouring
his body with a potato scrubber, and painting
his shoes with Great Grape nail polish.
She filled in his brows with magic marker and put him
back on her bed stand with the dad, the Grandpa, the
Mom, the prim sister,
and the squinty aunt with a feather hat.

If your dyslexic and missed that deadline to write in the book, there will be more to come in the future so look out for RASP, in the meantime check it out!

By Stacy Poulos 

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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November 2011 62nd Annual IDA Conference

62nd Annual IDA Conference
Reading, Literacy & Learning

Hilton Chicago

720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60605
USAHilton Chicago

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 – Saturday, November 12, 2011

IDA’s Annual international Conference
is attended by some 2,000 teachers, educators, administrators, reading
specialists, faculty, psychologists, physicians, tutors, parents and
individuals from all around the world. This is the premier conference
dedicated to educating individuals and professionals alike on all
aspects related to reading, literacy and learning.

By Stacy Poulos 

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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Macworld Conference & Expo January 27 to 29, 2011

Macworld Conference & Expo January 27-29  2011
San Francisco CA Moscone Center

If it wasn’t for Macintosh, I wouldn’t be on a computer. If you’re on the fence about Mac get off it and come over to the bright side of computing experience.

Macintosh is naturally ‘dyslexic friendly’. Maybe that’s because
Steve Jobs the developer is dyslexic himself. I always rave about
Apple with good reason. It’s simple, logical, and easy to use, and it
gets better every year!

Last year we found many products that enhance
the dyslexic user. Go to MacWorld Expo and see all the vendors. IDG
puts on a great show. The Expo starts in January this year.

Exhibitors 2011

I never pass up the opportunity to talk to the actual people who develop the programs I use, or might use. See you there. Is it January yet?

By Stacy Poulos

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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IDA International Dyslexia Association Conference

IDA Conference Phoenix, Arizona October 27-30, 2010

In a nutshell the IDA International Dyslexia Association Conference
is the recourse for resources of clinically tested methods to help
multi-sensory students. My first symposium, first speaker Gordon F.
Sherman, PhD,
in Dallas, Texas 2007 gave me much hope for the language of dyslexics future
in Education. Educators of the future are looking at the assets
dyslexics have and working with there strengths…. hallelujah!! You
can. Purchase audio tapes from the conferences.

Upcoming Annual Conferences:
Purchase Audio tapes from the conferences if you can’t make it.

Phoenix, Arizona October 27-30, 2010

The Phoenix Convention Center

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Phoenix Wyndham

By Stacy Poulos

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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