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Jan 26-29 2012 Macworld iWorld iPads Could be the missing link for dyslexics

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco CA Moscone Center

iPads could be the missing link for a lot of dyslexics, or I like to say “Multi Dimensional FreeThinkers”. Designing material for an iPad makes you think about the multi media capabilities and how you can maximize the capabilities.   

A lot of people including myself didn’t like the idea ‘Apple’ wasn’t there last year. Really its better, you can go to a apple store 360 days a year. MacWorld and iWorld has everything that goes in and on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and you can ask questions. Which you can’t get any day of the year any where else with so many apple products. The best part about Macworld, is the interaction with actual developers of products and demo’s of products. Face to face meetings, Q and A’s, and making connections. Usually you see a cool item on line, but your not sure if you should get it.  It’s my favorite event of the year! 

As far as I’m concerned toss out your kids video games out the window– that blow up and kill people. Get products like these that inspire creativity and imagination. I will be making a B-line to see the “ArtRage StudioPro” and Star Walk! To name a few.  (There is Pro & one for iPad)

“ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5” Screen Shot

Another extremely cool app I will be checking out: “Star Walk” I can’t say enough about how I think this is so cool. My only warning is your kids might end up smarter than you 

See you there! 

By Stacy Poulos 

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SF Macworld 2011 January 27-29 San Francisco Moscone Center.

This is the time of year I love; MacWorld “Expo” Stats: January 27-29 San Francisco Moscone Center.

will be searching for the latest and greatest in Apps technology and
how it can apply to Dyslexia.TV and other applications. We already are working on an App, but
this is a rare opportunity to rub elbows with the developers themselves
since MacWorld is also focusing
on Apps. The fact Apple was not there last year allowed people to focus
on what goes in and on a Mac. You can go to a Mac Store 7 days a week and learn about Apple.
Not to mention they usually have a lot of things deeply discounted. Last
year I got a $150.00 Sennheiser headphones for $75.00! Programs are
usually at a steal. It’s not to be missed. Sometimes you can even win
one. You will learn a great deal. Instead of looking at a box wondering
if it’s something you want, there might be 3 versions by the time you
get from one end of the room to the next. You get to see it, feel it, and
ask questions. They even have set up living rooms where you can sit in
and listen to stereo systems you might want to buy. Stand by tomorrow I
might be getting a promotional code for “Dr. Bott” a company that sells
many of the cool products you want.

Macworld 2011 is a four day
celebration that entertains and educates. Macworld offers access to
hundreds of Apple related products and services. You will discover cool
software, hardware and accessories to use with your favorite Apple

You will also find expert advice, demonstrations and
instruction by the very people that develop these products. Macworld
conference programs feature industry leading minds, presenting cutting
edge product training on the topics you most want to learn.

Exhibitor List: See you there.

    Since I’m a Media Professional and an Educator, I was Also I was sent an announcement about: Apps for children with special needs are showcased at the Macworld 2011 Mobile Apps showcase.

    With its 1001 ways to improve the life of any human being, the use of the iPad has also been a hot topic in the disability community. It is the combination of superb touch screen devices with the scientific knowledge and experience from a speech therapist that is making the difference for thousands of children and adults with special needs around the world. Barbara Fernandes, a speech pathologist and CEO of Smarty Ears has been developing applications for Apple devices for over one year to help children and adults with a variety of speech and language disorders to improve their communication skills and consequently their quality of life.
    Smarty Ears will be showcasing their most recent releases at the Macworld Expo 2011 in San Francisco. Macworld 2011 is “a four day celebration that entertains and educates. Macworld offers access to hundreds of Apple related products and services.” Source:
    This year parents of children with a communication disorder such as stuttering, difficulty pronouncing words, or children that cannot communicate due to Autism or Apraxia of speech will have a chance to try out Smarty Ears apps at the Mobile Apps Showcase at the Macworld 2011. Smarty Ears wants to share with the parents and professionals that already use apple devices how this technology can help children with their communication skills.
 Smarty Ears will be showcasing their newest app releases. “Articulate it!” is a application designed to help parents practice pronouncing sounds with their children. Many children with articulation disorders have difficulty pronouncing specific sounds. This application gives parents a fun way for in-home pronunciation practice.
     Match2Say is a game also designed for children with difficulty pronouncing their sounds in the English language. Match2Say is a game that allows children to have fun while listening to high quality samples of specific sounds while learning at the same time.
    Many children with developmental disorders, such as Autism or Down’s syndrome have difficulty speaking using their own voice. Smarty Ears created an application
    called “Expressive”. With Expressive, children who may have never expressed themselves have a chance to combine pictures that will speak for them.
    At US$34.99 Expressive is one of the most affordable apps on the market and it costs a fraction of the devices it rivals, which typically cost anywhere between US$800 and US$4000.
    Smarty Ears, a company created in August of 2009 has been the new breakthrough in the area of speech and language therapy. They have released innovative products that combine technology and speech and language sciences, making speech therapy more affordable, fun, and greener. Smarty Ears has already released 15 products on the app Store as of January 2011 and it is expected to release at least 5 new products this spring.
    For more information about Smarty Ears visit You can also contact them at

Peace, Stacy Poulos

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University