Community Grant – Help a Sister Out -Time to renew – 120 people At 25 Bucks Puts DyslexiaTV in the Green

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Well, with out funding, Dyslexia TV has proven to be an important part of the dyslexic community and I reach 9,000 visitors a MONTH from all over the world. That’s just amazing really. One woman, from a small town.

I’m hoping my dyslexic friends or friends of Dyslexics can help me out, November 15th Dyslexia.TV names and hosting, as well as, etc., -8- names are due. is a premium name so it costs a lot more. And I’m $2,824.00 away from paying off the equipment that ran out the door making my Dyslexia.TV podcast in 2008.

I am not a “Non-profit”. So if you contribute, it is not tax deductible. Your just truly giving to help me carry on Dyslexia.TV… Sort of a community grant. I’d like to be a non-profit, it’s just too much paper work.

So I calculated; if 120 people donated 25 bucks Dyslexia.TV will be in the green. Don’t stress yourselves out over it, I know it’s hard times for a lot of people. I have faith it will come.

Eventually, I’m hoping to use the music I write to help benefit my cause. Until then I’ve got to pay the piper cash. If I ended up with extra, I have a list of things I need to do; from making a coloring calendar for kids, recreating the podcast, to my logo redesigned.

Thank you for your support!!

You can write a check to
P.o. Box 20608
Castro Vally, CA 94546

Pay with pay pall the accepts MC Visa, debit,  blah, blah, blah.
Click on the banner:

Peace, Stacy Poulos

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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