Teachers, It Takes a Village of Readers Award, A Multisensory, Structured Language Training Program

Teachers; It Takes a Village of Readers Award – A multisensory, structured language training program

Ultimately someday my goal is to have reading programs specific for dyslexic’s. Not me necessarily but have FreeThinkers University fund grants to help others have them.

Today Forest Park Review reported “Garfield was recently named the winner of the “It Takes a Village of Readers Award” by the Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. The award is handed out annually to only one school in the state that provides an “exemplary program for children struggling with learning to read.” By Katie Drews Editor

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The reading program is called “SLANT”. The SLANT System for Structured Language Training┬« is a research-based, multisensory, structured language training program combining professional development for teachers and systematic curriculum materials for students. I’m always attracted to the multisensory side of teaching. Teachers can see more information about the program on the SLANT site. I would love comments on your helpful discoveries for other teachers to benefit from this if it works. Or if Slant would like to elaborate about the program.

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