Dyslexic Teen, Jessica Watson is now the Youngest to Sail Around the World. She Lands in Front of the Sydney Opera House, Designed by a Dyslexic

After nearly seven months on her own, sailing around the world in the deep blue sea, days away from her finish line, Jessica Watson contemplates her “two more sleeps till the finish line!” (An Australian phrase). She’s thinking about a hot shower, fresh food and everything else! She’s more excited than if it were Christmas. 

“I think it’s going to take a fair bit longer than that for the whole ‘I’ve just sailed around the world’ thing to sink in. It’s just too big to get my head around!”  Jessica wrote on her blog. 

Although this 16-year-old says she enjoyed being away from her “annoying” brother, she also misses him. And of course her Mum and Dad. Ella’s Pink Lady, a 30 foot yacht, assisted her round-the-world trip, but not with out reminding her the dangers of such a journey. [See previous article]

Saturday, May 15, 2010 Jessica Watson sailed into Australia’s Sydney Harbor, past thousands of boats awaiting her arrival. Thousands of people lined up along the harbor, inspired by her young and unwavering bravery. From a sea of ocean and fish to a sea of people, everyone gave her a hero’s welcome. I wish I could have been there.

When you look at her journey on a map, the GPS path resembles an spike in a heart beat monitor. The sea can be unforgiving but graced Jessica with the right of passage. It was an uplifting passage to all, especially herself, and a boost for those who followed her journey. The beginning of her journey started when she didn’t feel she had a lot going for her because of her dyslexia. Her mother read her a book “The Lion’s Heart” that sparked her determination to be the next youngest to sail around the world solo. Although there is not an official ‘world record’ kept anymore (because it is to dangerous to challenge), it was about the journey. The outer journey and the inner journey.  Jesse Martin did it when he was 18, and now Jessica Watson has at 16. As everyone looks to Jessica and cheers her on, I look behind her, and the fact she rode in and was welcomed in front the most famous masterpiece in Australia, “The Sydney Opera House” designed by Jørn Utzon, also dyslexic.

By Stacy Poulos

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