Jan 26-29 2012 Macworld iWorld iPads Could be the missing link for dyslexics

Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco CA Moscone Center

iPads could be the missing link for a lot of dyslexics, or I like to say “Multi Dimensional FreeThinkers”. Designing material for an iPad makes you think about the multi media capabilities and how you can maximize the capabilities.   

A lot of people including myself didn’t like the idea ‘Apple’ wasn’t there last year. Really its better, you can go to a apple store 360 days a year. MacWorld and iWorld has everything that goes in and on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and you can ask questions. Which you can’t get any day of the year any where else with so many apple products. The best part about Macworld, is the interaction with actual developers of products and demo’s of products. Face to face meetings, Q and A’s, and making connections. Usually you see a cool item on line, but your not sure if you should get it.  It’s my favorite event of the year! 

As far as I’m concerned toss out your kids video games out the window– that blow up and kill people. Get products like these that inspire creativity and imagination. I will be making a B-line to see the “ArtRage StudioPro” and Star Walk! To name a few.  (There is Pro & one for iPad)

“ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5” Screen Shot


Another extremely cool app I will be checking out: “Star Walk” I can’t say enough about how I think this is so cool. My only warning is your kids might end up smarter than you



See you there! 

By Stacy Poulos

Dyslexia TV & FreeThinkers University

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