How can you help in the continuing effort to inspire dyslexics?


Help me inspire dyslexics. You don't have to donate a lot to make a difference. Just the fact that someone is willing to donate anything, is inspiring to me. When you click on the link below, the next window you type in the gift amount. Thank you in advance!!!

The icon above will link to Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account there is a option to pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and E-check. E-check allows you to use a check on line and save yourself the stamp and envelope! Gotta love technology. See details below. Leave me your email address and we will send you our news letter on our progress and up dates. We do not share our email addresses with anyone. Please let me know if you are a posed to having your name and state or Country published on my site.

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Biographies -- Sample / Andrew a Famous NY Chef -- Sample / VanGogh

My goal is to provide a biography for each person included on our list without relying on external links, which are difficult to monitor. Students will be able to have an advertising free opportunity to learn and be inspired by each of the dyslexics on my list of over 150 people. Our foremost concern is that the content of the links from our site is appropriate for children who come to us for inspiration. Many schools count on this website for students researching dyslexics and dyslexia. If you are on my list by all means contact me for an interview. So far I have two complete as you can see a sample. Eventually I want to include a video and a interview. I went to Europe to research 6 dyslexics and finished VanGogh's.

Help me help them.

My goal is to improve this site on every level. I am turning to the public to help me. I have sponsored this site since 1992 on my own, I am a one woman operation. The name '' alone costs me $250.00 a year to register. Thankfully, I was able to re-negotiate that with the dot-tv people or this site would have gone down a long time ago. Plus, I maintain it, pay for the space, do write ups and go to events to learn more about dyslexia and technology. I write and talk to students, teachers and parents all over the country and world. I have had requests to go to schools and have gone to many schools locally about this subject. My last request was to speak in India. But neither one of us had the funds to simply get me there. It could be a full time job. I can't emphasize enough, the importance of this site and it's purpose. This is not a non-profit, your contribution is not tax deductible.

The reality is, I cannot afford to produce the video's I make for many other companies, for my own cause, because it all costs money... even for me. I welcome you to visit a sample of video clips I made for another non-profit client; CARH [link] to see a sample of my work. I have won awards for the excellence in my work for my clients.

I have had volunteers with various things, editing, some art work, etc. I would prefer to give it 80% of my focus before I leave this planet to this site and cause. I have a book on the loom "Blessed With Dyslexia", a DVD and Multi-media project in the works that tells of the lives of some of the people on my list, including my own story, that is much anticipated.

So please, any amount is appreciated. What feeds me, feeds and expands my ability to reach out and into the inspiration of dyslexics.


Donations of equipment

This site is independently developed and maintained. Any donations of equipment, programs, etc. are appreciated and will be utilized to further our vision. I proudly use Mac to make this site and my videos, I need a new lap top, and massive storage and RAM. I need a HD video camera for interviews. Soroson video donated the program to help squeeze the size to watch it on the web. Once I start showing video on the web, my web bill will sky rocket.

Other ways to help - Banner Ads/Interviews

Put a banner ad on your web site with a link back to us. If you have a publication, please contact us for an interview to increase awareness about dyslexia.

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