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First of all, the letters and calls I receive every month keeps me inspired to keep this site going. I have had parents who have called me that could barely speak because they were so moved by this site and the effect it has on their child's self-esteem. Simply put; this is important work. I have produced and sponsored it myself since 1992. What helps me keep this site going or helps me produce a better product, helps thousands of others. So I thank you. Please let the people who help me, realize how important this work is. Sincerely, Stacy Poulos

The wind beneath my wings.
Supporters of the
"Blessed With Dyslexia" project.

Mail We Receive

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Non-profit organizations:

The San Leandro Rotary Club

National Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences
1992 "Excellence In Production"


Recording For The Blind

The Bellinie Foundation Scholarship

Kathleen Pierce Trust Fund

2010 Dyslexia TV Crusaders

Diana Hanford Demarest


2009  Emergency Crusaders
Because of you there is Dyslexia TV News

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Elementry School Students Rock!
Out side of the USA
Daniel Bar-Ness; Israel
Monica M. Winkler
P-Int International; Germany
USA City's
Rex Dyer; Kansas
Debra Bavis; Massachusetts
Cathy Farabaugh Photography; South Carolina
Many Anonymous Sponsors
Deana Collins
John Scott Stevenson
Patricaia Asbury
Dave Esmeyer
Cornell Feurdean
Sharon Van Loon
Body Balance
Salsbury Family
Kym Jessing
Dava & Stephanie King
Vanessa Pearson
Galen Friend
Carey Mason

Vicki Francisco

(PS If you looked for this list before I moved it from our 'Emergency Help Page, somehow it was lost. so I apologize, I'm a one woman operation. As you can see I have been very busy, thanks to your support Dyslexia TV News is up and has 100's of entries!)

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These businesses have granted me products and tools to help me produce a higher quality product, as well help my personal growth.


Prismo Graphics

NeoTron KeyGuides


Businesses & Special Thanks

Gary Izzard/Independent Realtors
Sponsored our 1st book marker so we can them out to students for free


Video Film Multimedias

Dot TV Corporation


Irene Martinez / Editing
John Stevenson / Editing
(Also Sponsored the 2003 Webby's!)
Jessica South / Editing
Stacy Poulos / Creative Genius behind the design
Lisa Rodrigues / web mastering instruction
Edward Garcia / Documentary Video's
Past editors (I can not live with out editors!)
Deana Collins / Editor
Carrie Elmendorf
Dave Johnson
Sherly Shea-Volpatti
Steve Poulos / "Executive Producer Brother"
Kathleen Maynard / Sponsored photography show
Joy Johnson / Editing

People Who Inspire Me
Jesus (Matt 17:20)
Albert Einstein
Zig Ziglar
Oprah (Sister angle)
Leo Buscaglia
My cat Spielberg
Bugs Bunny

Little Angels Who Somehow Helped Me Breathe Easier

Deana Collins
Kristy Walish
Rosemary Spring
Karen Clay
Jon Russell
Elania Hall
Jim Davis
Dennis Kruger
Cathy Clements
Justine Carasquillo
Isabel & George Noia
Edward Garcia
Blanch Martell
Dave Johnson
Carrie Elmendorf
Georgia Trapold/mom
Lois (Nana) Hunter
Jim Trapold
Greg Poulos
Christine Salsbury
Isabel & George Noia
Alex Dearman
Liz Conway
Mona Hernadez
John Stevenson
Cathy M. Perry
Gene Houch
Jim & Gladys Vlastelica
Earnest E. & Conny Roy
Sandy Cortez
Ginger Boggs-Ripplinger KCC-TV 15
The Y'all Come Back Salloon & Family
Kraft Foods, Inc. San Leandro
Michaeline Maree Onditch
The Neighborhood Grapevine
Ross Cameron / The Daily Review
Jeanne Cook-Garcia
Dana Hammed-Freatas
Aimin, Mitchell, and Cheryl Alothman
Tommye Noga-Roos and Her 1991 Class
Sherly Shea-Volpatti
Steve Rubinstein/San Francisco Chronicle
Pacific Bell/Operators
Double Rainbow Ice Cream Consultants
Bodi's Java's emplyees and customers
Jessica South

... and many more.



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