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An average of 3,500 unique visitors come to this site a month. The countries below are where they are from. WOW!
com (Commercial)
net (Network)
edu (Educational)
uk (United Kingdom)
us (United States)
ca (Canada)
nl (Netherlands)
de (Germany)
il (Israel)
au (Australia)
org (Non-Profit Organizations)
fr (France)
jp (Japan)
sg (Singapore)
it (Italy)
at (Austria)
be (Belgium)
ch (Switzerland)
gr (Greece)
cn (China)
ee (Estonia)
se (Sweden)
gov (USA Government)
sa (Saudi Arabia)
nz (New Zealand)
fi (Finland)
mil (USA Military)
ae (United Arab Emirates)
mx (Mexico)
sc (Seychelles)
br (Brazil)
cz (Czech Republic)
dk (Denmark)
arpa (Old style Arpanet)
tr (Turkey)
no (Norway)
za (South Africa)
hk (Hong Kong)
pl (Poland)
es (Spain)
tw (Taiwan)
my (Malaysia)
ie (Ireland)
jo (Jordan)
hu (Hungary)
pt (Portugal)
ru (Russian Federation)
ro (Romania)
ph (Philippines)
id (Indonesia)
kr (South Korea)
th (Thailand)
in (India)
cy (Cyprus)
pe (Peru)
ar (Argentina)
hr (Croatia)
is (Iceland)
si (Slovenia)
lu (Luxembourg)
bj (Benin)
lt (Lithuania)
mt (Malta)
yu (Yugoslavia)
cr (Costa Rica)
int (International)
bz (Belize)
lv (Latvia)
zw (Zimbabwe)
ky (Cayman Islands)
lb (Lebanon)
bg (Bulgaria)
bs (Bahamas)
tt (Trinidad and Tobago)
ir (Iran)
bo (Bolivia)
gt (Guatemala)
info (Information)
do (Dominican Republic)
zm (Zambia)
cu (Cuba)
cc (Cocos (Keeling) Islands)
kh (Cambodia, Kingdom of)
bn (Brunei Darussalam)
vn (Vietnam)
ke (Kenya)
ve (Venezuela)
sk (Slovak Republic)
uy (Uruguay)
eg (Egypt)

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